Allows to select a group of the gameobjects; and then resize, rotate, align all of them simultaneously.
Can select only elements with the same parent as the Groupable component.

Shared components settings between Groupable and the selected elements:

  • Resizable.KeepAspectRatio

  • Rotatable.LimitRotation

  • Rotatable.AngleMin

  • Rotatable.AngleMax

  • Rotatable.AngleStep


  • Interactable bool

    Allow interaction.

  • Highlight Template RectTransform optional

    Template to highlight selected gameobjects.

  • Selection Mode Groupable.Mode

    Selection mode.

    • Contains

      Selects only gameobjects fully inside the selection area.

    • Overlaps

      Selects gameobjects inside the selection area or partially overlaps the selection area.

  • Group Rotation bool

    If enabled selected gameobjects will be rotated as part of the group; otherwise each separately.


  • OnStartSelection UnityEvent<Groupable>

  • OnSelection UnityEvent<Groupable>

  • OnEndSelection UnityEvent<Groupable>