Allows resizing gameobject by size or scale.


  • Interactable bool

    Allow users to change the size of the GameObject.

  • Resize Directions Resizable.Directions

    Allowed resizing directions.

  • Type ResizeType

    Resize type.

    • Size

      Resize by changing size of the gameobject.

    • Scale

      Resize by changing scale of the gameobject.

  • Include Corners bool

    Allow resize when cursor in the one of the corners. Should be disabled to use together with Rotatable component.

  • Integer Size bool

    If enabled size is rounded to the integer number. Reason: size can be float number if gameobject is rotated.

  • Update RectTransform bool

    Change RectTransform size.

  • Update LayoutElement bool

    Change LayoutElement size.

  • Active Region float

    Distance from border where resize allowed.

  • Min Size Vector2

    Minimal size in points, for the Scale type limits is checked against width * scale.x and height * scale.y.

  • Max Size Vector2

    Maximum size in points, for the Scale type limits is checked against width * scale.x and height * scale.y.
    Not applied if size is zero.
  • Keep Aspect Ratio bool

    Aspect ratio applied after MinSize and MaxSize, so if default aspect ratio not equal MinSize and MaxSize aspect ratio then real size may be outside limit with one of the axis.

  • Cursors Cursors

    Custom cursors to the allowed resize state.

  • Snap Grids List<SnapGridBase>

    Allow snapping the RectTransform position to the nearest line.
  • Snap Distance Vector2

    Maximum distance to lines where snapping is available.


  • OnStartResize UnityEvent<Resizable>

  • OnResize UnityEvent<Resizable>

  • OnEndResize UnityEvent<Resizable>

  • OnResizeDelta = UnityEvent<Resizable, Resizable.Regions, Vector2>

  • OnResizeDirectionsChanged UnityEvent<Resizable>

  • OnTargetChanged UnityEvent<Resizable>


  • Target RectTransform

    Target to resize; the self is by default.

Resize Children With Parent

There are a few ways to resize children with parent:

  • Use RectTransform anchors to set children size relative to parent with padding from borders.

    Probably setting anchors to horizontal stretch (for the labels or buttons) or horizontal and vertical stretch (for the long text or ListView) will be enough.

    Video about anchors.

  • Add Layout Group (Horizontal Layout Group, Vertical Layout Group, Grid Layout Group, EasyLayout) to parent with enabled Control Child Size options.

    It is a more complex way, and it will be harder to achieve the desired result.

    If you want to add/remove/enable/disable children from a script and automatically reposition them after this, then Layout Group is the right way to do this.