Scale for the sliders: default Slider, RangeSlider (Disable Handle Overlay is not supported), CenteredSlider. To use add the appropriate SliderScale / RangeSliderScale / CenteredSliderScale component to the Slider, then create and specify Scale gameobject.


  • Container RectTransform

    Marks container.

  • Main Line Image

    Main line.

  • Show Current Value bool

    Show marks for the current values.

  • Current Mark Template ScaleMarkTemplate

    Template for the current mark.

  • Show Min Value bool

    Show mark for the min value.

  • Min Mark ScaleMarkTemplate

    Minimum mark.

  • Show Max Value bool

    Maximum mark.

  • Scale Marks List<ScaleMark>

    Marks templates.

  • MarkValuesGenerator Action<float min, float max, float step, List<float> output>

    Fill output list with values where marks should be displayed.


  • Step float

    Value difference between marks.

  • Template ScaleMarkTemplate

    Mark template.

SliderScale and RangeSliderScale Components

CenteredSliderScale Component