Gears of Dragoon UI Mod



  • Unpack
  • Place the Assembly-CSharp.dll into the <installation directory>\GoD_Data\Managed (make the backup of the original file before replacing it)
  • Place the ui-mod.ini into the installation directory containing GoD.exe


  • Common:
    • F1: quick save
    • F2: quick load
    • F3: save
    • F4: load
  • VN Mode:
    • Space: to next line (if AlternateVNKeys enabled)
    • Right Mouse Button: hide text (if AlternateVNKeys enabled)
    • Shift: hide text (if AlternateVNKeys enabled)
    • B: text bold on/off
  • Dungeon:
    • Numpad +: increase game speed
    • Numpad -: decrease game speed
    • Numpad *: reset game speed
    • Middle Mouse Button: gather resources or jump
    • M: show/hide minimap
    • [: decrease minimap transparency
    • ]: increase minimap transparency
  • Battle:
    • Numpad +: increase game speed
    • Numpad -: decrease game speed
    • Numpad 0: toggle skills palette
    • Numpad 1-9: use skill (keys match with skills position, not number: skill 1 is top left and assigned to Numpad 7, skill 9 is bottom right and assigned to Numpad 3)
    • A/D or Left Arrow/Right Arrow or Mouse Wheel: select previous/next enemy group
    • Right Mouse Button: cancel action



  • reduced dungeon load time
  • added Optimization option in ui-mod.ini: increases performance in exchange for increased RAM usage
  • Battle: Numpad +- keys to increase/decrease game speed
  • Workshop: fixed excess slot when adding stone
  • Save/Load: now the mouse wheel changes page
  • Bugfix: fixed missing stone name from the message " stone(s) synthesized."
  • Mod fix: fixed bug when the "Enchantment effects" text is too big


  • Mod fix: prevented double cancel action in Battle when cursor over skills block
  • Mod fix: double click to remove item in the Guild Storage now works properly
  • Items: now items can be selected with a left click and click to bin will delete all selected items (works only on the current page)
  • Inventory, Storage, Shop, Kitchen: added mouse wheel support to scroll pages
  • Loot Items: added double-click support to move items to the inventory
  • Bugfix: stackable items now can be deleted from the Guild Storage


  • Mod fix: fixed items sort


  • Inventory: double middle click to remove item (move to trash bin)
  • Battle: added right click to cancel the action
  • Shop: double click to buy the item no more reset page
  • Mini Map: added keys "[" and "]" to increase/decrease map transparency
  • VN Mode: added B key to text bold on/off (not sure that all text will fit so make it toggleable instead of permanent setting)
  • items sort now is stable (order is not changed when you buy or sell items)


  • - Guild Storage: added button to move all items from the selected tab into storage and from storage


  • Mod fix: VN text was hidden when closing the log or settings on the right mouse button click


  • Mod fix: incorrect save on F3 in dungeon
  • Mod fix: character portraits are not reset after hit and stay displayed in red


  • Battle: switch target on mouse wheel or arrow left/right keys or a/d keys
  • Guild / Storage: double click to add/remove item


  • Battle: numpad key 0 to toggle skills palette
  • Battle: numpad keys 1-9 support to use skills (keys match with skills position, not number)


  • Skills: increase skill level on double-click
  • Bugfix: fixed tutorial images and positions of markers


  • Dungeon:
    • added minimap, press M key to show/hide (size, transparent, hotkey can be changed in ui-mod.ini)
    • added gather resources and jump on the middle mouse button
    • added hotkeys to increase/decrease game speed: + numpad key to increase speed, - numpad key to decrease speed, * numpad key to reset
    • (optional) movement direction keys (arrows/wasd) are changed counter-clockwise (option RotateMovementKeys in ui-mod.ini)
  • UI:
    • increased animation speed (option UIAnimationSpeed in ui-mod.ini)
  • Shop:
    • buy/sell on double-click
  • Workshop:
    • select the item on double-click
    • add magic stone on double-click
    • remove magic stone on double-click
  • Kitchen:
    • craft on double-click
  • Equipment:
    • equip on double-click
  • Enchantment effects:
    • added scroll
  • Hotkeys:
    • added save on F3, load on F4
    • quick save/load hotkeys now also work in VN and guild mode
  • VN mode:
    • (optional) space to next line (instead of hide text), right mouse button or shift to hide text (option AlternateVNKeys in ui-mod.ini)
  • Bugfixes:
    • fixed freeze when opening "Settings / Sound" and closing without changing anything
    • fixed missing item name in "<Item> was sold" for the consumable items (probably some other items too)