Getting Started

UI Themes is a tool for customizing the appearance of widgets and centralized customization management.

It allows you to control and change colors, textures, and fonts from one place.

It is useful even if you do not have plans to use different themes.
For example, you have a couple dozen prefabs and want to adjust colors or replace sprites. It can be an annoying task to change settings for each of them and be sure you do not miss anything. The theme helps you to avoid such problems.

Easy to integrate and use with already existing UI.

YouTube Tutorial

  1. Create a Theme via the context menu Assets / Create / UI Themes / Theme


    If you are using New UI Widgets created Theme will already have predefined options and variations.

  2. Set Theme as default. The first created Theme will be already specified as default.

  3. Select Canvas in the Hierarchy window and use the context menu UI / UI Themes / Attach Theme and Create Options


    This will adds ThemeTarget component for each game object with components that have controllable properties and fields and select options by their values or create a new option if value was not found in initial variation.


    The Attach Theme command does not always work perfectly, sometimes minor adjustments can be required.

  4. Edit Theme

    You can edit Theme values, add new variations, options, etc.