Flare Effect

Shader based. Create material with Custom / New UI Widgets / UIFlareTransparent or Custom / New UI Widgets / UIFlareGlobal shader and set it to Image component.


UIFlareGlobal works only in Render Mode = Screen Space - Overlay.


  • Flare Color Color

    Color of the flare.

  • Flare Size float

    Size of the flare in range [0..1].

  • Flare Speed float

    Speed of the flare relative to the image size: how much times it will move from left to right in one second.

  • Flare Delay float

    Delay between appearances of the flare. Examples:

    • 0 - no delay

    • 1 - delay is travel time from left to right

    • 2 - delay is doubled travel time from left to right