Resize neighboring or specified gameobjects on drag. Should be used with layout group.


  • Interactable bool

    Allow users to interact with the splitter.

  • Type SplitterType

    • Horizontal: change heights of the gameobjects.

    • Vertical: change widths of the gameobjects.

  • Update RectTransform bool

    Change RectTransform size of the left and right gameobjects.

  • Update LayoutElement bool

    Change LayoutElement size of the left and right gameobjects.

  • Mode SplitterMode

    • Auto: use previous and next siblings in hierarchy.

    • Manual: use specified targets to resize.

  • Previous Object RectTransform

    Left (or top) object to resize.

  • Next Object RectTransform

    Right (or bottom) object to resize.


  • OnStartResize UnityEvent<Splitter>

  • OnResize UnityEvent<Splitter>

  • OnEndResize UnityEvent<Splitter>